Bessel Brass

13 MAY - 12:30 h. 


Where and when

Plaza de toros, 12:30 h

Giles Farnaby (1563-1640)
The old Spagnoletta

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Concert in G minor BWV 1041
- Allegro
- Andante
- Allegro assai

Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)
Seven Folk Songs
- El paño moruno
- Seguidilla murciana
- Asturiana
- Jota
- Nana
- Canción
- Polo

Gerónimo Giménez (1854-1923)
La Torre del Oro
Arr. for Bessel Brass by G. P. Checa

Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)

Enrique Crespo (1941-2020)
Vals peruano

Mariano Morés (1918-2016)
El Firulete
Arr. by A. Paz

Eduardo Díaz, trumpet

César Asensi, trumpet

Anais Romero, horn

Juan San Juan, trombone

Manuel Dávila, tuba

Bessel Brass

Bessel Brass is one of the most versatile brass quintets in the Spanish brass music scene. They are without a doubt one of today's most special quintets, with a great international projection.
The members of the quintet are professionals who have found their niche in the complex music industry, as performers in symphonic orchestras. It is formed by Eduardo Díaz and César Asensi, trumpets; Anais Romero, horn; Juan San Juan, trombone and Josep Gómez, tuba.
Bessel Brass was formed with a different mentality to the one that is common in the creation of chamber ensembles. The project emerged from the desire to make music with a formation as complex and seldom programmed as a brass quintet, with the aim of promoting the worth of brass instruments and music, and transmitting values that go beyond performance. They represent a new generation of musicians committed not only to the audience but also to serve as an example to future generations.

Their wide repertoire ranges from more traditional Spanish music to the dissemination of contemporary creations, including some premieres and arrangements written especially for the group. Furthermore, they often collaborate with artists of other styles and genres.
Nowadays, there is a strong link between music and image. Messiaen, Wagner, Miles Davis, all of them great synaesthetes, experience a universe of shapes and colors while listening to melodies; Kandinsky, in the early days of abstract art, invites the audience to listen to his pictorial work. It comes as no surprise that both disciplines also share a common language: tone, brightness, harmony, rhythm. Bessel Brass chooses color and form in a simple representation: five circles, five diameters, five colors that suggest five different tones, five sonorities, five instruments that together generate a visual, auditory, engaging and brilliant harmony. Five Musicians: Bessel Brass.

Among their future plans is the development of social and pedagogical initiatives that aim to take music out of its usual settings, demonstrating the versatility of the ensemble, as well as developing projects that mix the sonority of a traditional brass quintet with the novelty of other timbres that lead the ensemble to establish itself at the forefront of contemporary music.
Their innovative projects and great performances marked by a strong artistic identity have turned Bessel Brass into one of the leading brass ensembles. Based in Madrid, upcoming engagements will bring them to different parts of Spain. Attending one of their concerts as an audience and experiencing what they transmit constitutes their best cover letter. 
A wine tasting will be offered before the concert.
This program is included in Alfaro Municipality's festivities. Enjoy a whole day in Alfaro: paella, concerts and other activities organized by Alfaro Municipality.


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